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Vera Saiko is a trending Canadian artist, who works with oil, acrylic, pastel and charcoal. Vera also teaches at world renowned Sheridan College.

Having received formal drawing education in Russia and Ukraine, she continued her studies in renowned Fine Arts and Design programs in Sheridan College (Honor Diploma, 2008, Canada).

Vera likes drawing and painting human figures, landscapes, and flowers. In her charcoal and pastel drawings, one can easily recognize the traditional Russian drawing school.

Her paintings, however, distinctly depart from traditionalism. Inspired by the Group of Seven and the beauty of the Canadian Shield, Vera fuses vivid colors with Northern minimalism, calibrating the exact relationship of color to the shape and size of the media.
Vera is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, Mississauga Art Society and Visual Arts Mississauga. She actively participates in national and international art exhibitions. Her works can be found in private collections in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, and Ukraine. Her works are on display in galleries in Toronto, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Shenzhen.

Artistic Statement

“The purpose of art is the arousal of emotions”

Aurora borealis over the kingdom of snow. Massive land covered with ice and snow. Majestic light performance over the hibernated nature.

However, winter solstice is over and there is a hope. We are slowly moving to awakening; bouncing back and forth between conscious and subconscious; dreaming of spring and rebirth. Initially frail and subtle, it is becoming more intense. And then, all of a sudden, a sultry August afternoon filled with heat and laziness.

We live in the current moment; however, our subconsciousness contains the whole wheel of seasons. Thus, every brush stroke has memories of childhood and maturity, nature rebirth and dying, blossoming and withering…

Exhibitions (last 5 years)


Shanghai Art Fair 2017 (Shanghai, China)

Varley Museum 2017 (Markham, Canada)

Art Amoy 2017 (Xiamen, China)

ISIF 2017 (Shenzhen, China)


SIAF 2015 (Shenzhen, China)

Shanghai Art Fair 2015 (Shanghai, China)

ISIF 2015 (Shenzhen, China)


SIAF 2014 (Shenzhen, China)

2014 Art China (Beijing, China)

17th Beijing Art Expo, 2014 (Beijing, China)

Art Expo New York 2014 (NYC)


Spectrum Miami 2013 (Miami)

Toronto Art Expo 2013 (Toronto)


Art Canton 2012 (Guangzhou, China)

Toronto Art Expo 2012 (Toronto)